About the Book

Animal peculiarities draw forth endless questions from our young ones. Every little thing that they notice will always be raised into a question that, though uncomplicated and comprehensible, may be very difficult to answer. Classic fables from Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen, and others have graced the hallmarks of literature and enriched the minds of children and adults alike. Immerse in a charming collection of Folk Tales From Zimbabwe, penned by VT Kandimba.

Meet high-spirited and playful animals as you leaf through the pages of Folk Tales From Zimbabwe. This precious compilation sheds light on interesting questions about animals that people have always wanted to know. In the first story, readers will find out ‘Why the Guinea Pig Has No Tail’ as they learn the importance of listening and the value of news that may involve them.

‘How Kamba the Turtle Beat Tsuro the Bunny in A Race’ shows how wisdom and humility triumph over pride and deceit. Here, a rabbit named Tsuro will regale readers with his antics and inspire them with his learning. Follow him in his life-changing experience with Kamba, the turtle who proved that slow is the new fast, and other perky animal friends.

These delightful original tales of Folk Tales From Zimbabwe will truly pique readers’ interest with the lessons it brings. It proves that Zimbabwe isn’t just known for its breathtaking bodies of water and bountiful wildlife. It is also known for its vibrant English and local literature.

Have fun reading with your kids as you witness the beauty of Zimbabwean literature.

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ISBN13 978-1-4415-4280-9
ISBN13 978-1-4415-4281-6